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Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Note To The Bochurim Out There

Taken in Joshua Tree National Park last year. More pictures from the trip can be seen here.

I'm not much into Facebook . . . I don't have time.
I see the value of it,
no qualms there.
But Chevra . . .
Your friends are public, have some common sense . . . think about who you're adding, and how the whole world can see!
The same applies to those Neshamos D'Ban out there.

Nu, so say I'm fuchnyak't . . . I'll live.

Vda"l V'ain tzarich l'harich b'davar

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chanie said...

Nu, nu, I agree on all points...what is fuchnyak't?

Mottel said...

Ultra chassidish in an extreme way.

chanie said...

So its the same thing as chinyaked? Or different?

Mottel said...

Same thing. I doubt it's a real word.

chanie said...

LOL. Is chinyaked a real word? What does it mean? I've been labeled with it, but I'm clueless as to the meaning of it. Which is sad, considering that I don't know what they're saying I am.