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Monday, April 30, 2007

Israel Day

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Yesterday was the 'Israel Day Fair' here in Los Angeles.
We made the trip to the Valley to help out at Chabad's booth.
The place was swarming with Israelis -over ten thousand people were reported as coming.
In general Israelis can be fit in to three groups, each consisting of one of three personality types:

  • Classic' Israeli: These tend to be from an older age bracket. They stroll around in shorts, t-shirts and sunglasses, chain smoking cigarettes and scarfing sunflower seeds (of which there seemed to be an abundance of)
  • 'Cool': These are the guys that are way too cool. They are almost exclusively young -perhaps even a youthful version of the 'Classic' Israeli -but they can be found in the middle aged, leading to a separate grouping. They also have sun glasses and t-shirts, but they tend have slicked hair, earrings, and tight jeans. They often tend to wreak of cologne.
  • 'Hippie': these guys have long dreadlocks, flax Indian shirts, and other hippie apparel -they can be found en mass in most third world countries.
Of these three groups, when asked to perform a mitzvah, anyone of them may respond in one of three ways.

  • 'Tazov oti': This is the snarky response . . . Leave me alone! Did you go to the army? Don't bother me. These guys may also simply ignore you.
  • 'Zeh Lo Yaffe': 'This isn't right'. These guys are not against religion or mitzvos -heck they do it themselves when they get the chance . . . but here? People are looking, people are working, it's such busy time, my hands are dirty, we're standing in the street, it's too late in the afternoon . . .
  • 'Betach': 'For Sure'! Either these guys will have already put on, or will jump at the chance. 'Do you have a Tallis? No? Why not. What are the words to the 'l'shem yichud'? Have you ever been to Uman? Yechi!

Enjoy the photos. The first two are from C.O.L. and were not taken by me.

Two 'betachs' put on Tefillin. That's my hand on the bottom left.

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Sefirah said...

no fair! i love that festival soo much.
two years in a row with sofy.. aw man....i miss her