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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Some Evening

Fresh after writing: "The Police aren't bad either. They get rid of the bad guys and make our streets safe -true they may give speeding tickets . . . but the good far out ways the bad."
The following happens . . .
Last night after class ended I was milling around the Zal (study hall) waiting for my friend S. to join me. Suddenly I hear high-pitched screaming from the street . . .
Everyone looks up, someone makes a comment about the High School kids needing to quiet down . . .
Something, however, doesn't seem right. I dash outside and see a lady running towards the door -
"Help! Please Help! Help My Friend!"
For a moment the thought that someone is chasing her flashes through my mind, I tell her to run inside. Still screaming, however, she manages to say that her friend was mugged. Looking in the direction of her trembling outstretched arm, I see she is pointing to another lady down the block . . . My friend S., who was on the cross street has run over to her.

By now several boys from the Smicha (Rabbinic) program have come out -and the entire high school can be seen leaning out the third floor window to catch a glimpse of the action.
Several of my friends run down the block in a vain attempt to pursue the muggers. Wearing a pair of flip flop shoes, I'm unable to run, so I stand by the two screaming ladies rather inanely . . . I ask if they need anything, and then offer my cell phone . . . They continue screaming.
"My purse, my wallet, my keys . . . The keys to my house -they can come into my house!"
By now several teachers and neighbors -all Jewish, all Chassidic- have come out. Someone tells me to leave -though I came with in seconds and they only a minute or two later . . . I realize, however, that I'm of no further help.
I take a second glance at the high school, dozens of hands try to hide their cameras and cell phones . . .

The Police come. The night goes on.

S. later takes a walk around, looking for anything that might be dropped. A car pulls up and a lady leans out the window, the lady -she's pressing a compress to her eye,
"You should be careful, there was a mugging here earlier. . . "
"I know," says S. "I'm the one who came to help you."
"Thank you . . ." She says, "I found my cell phone down the block. For tonight I'm Jewish too!"
She drives off.

Some evening.

I've always wonder what I would do in an emergency . . .

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