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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hackwriting for the Push Button Publisher

A short one -I spent half of my Blogging time fixing a bug in my Cellphone . . . B"H it worked out.

I like writing . . .
I've read of bloggers who have become so successful that they've wound up with book deals.
I've read of authors who have given up blogging because they find it counter intuitive to the creative writing process.

I'm not looking for any book deals -I mean if you have one I'll take it but . . .

What I do wonder is why what I do write seems to not get very far.

Let me explain:

I wrote Dreams . . . in truth it is one of my oldest stories, written over seven years ago.

I submitted it to
Yanki Tauber read it and told me that he liked my writing, but wasn't sure if he wanted to use that exact piece . . . instead I should submit some other samples.
I send several other stories

No further response.

I wrote The Cycle of Life in Vilna and sent it to The Algemeiner Journal.
Yossi Jacobson reads it, publishes(!) it under the title He was Buried as a Jew
and seems interested in seeing more from me.
I send several other stories

No further response.

I'm working on more, I haven't given up . . .
But if any of you out there know where I can get my stuff published . . .

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Editor said...

You are publishing here!

Mottel said...

That much I know, but if good is good . .

Anonymous said...

you can contact me shmulyru at, we have a newspaper used by many shluchim, we are always looking for fresh ideas.

ps you need a way to be contacted

Mottel said...

My e-mail is on the blog . . .
mordechai7215 at gmail dot com.

yitz said...

Your link to "He Was Buried as a Jew" is incorrect. The correct one is:
I'll let you hyperlink it.

Mottel said...

Oops . . . it's been fixed.

yitz said...

Thanks for fixing, and for your comment on my blog too - I guess I'll haveta change the caption on that pic -- when I get back to blogging sometime!