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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Palm Desert

Rabbi Cunin, of telethon fame, called his son-in-law -the head of our program, asking for at least a minyan (quorum of ten) bochurim to come out to Palm Desert.

A major donor had passed away childless, and we were needed to make daily prayers in his house.

With promises of all the supplies and food that we would need taken care of . . . and a little bit more to boot . . . we all but jumped at the chance.

Below is my photo essay of the trip.

In the dearly departed donor's room . . .

I couldn't resist the irony of the Greatful Dead poster on the wall.

All that we needed . . .

Cheap food is hard to prepare.

Faster food is by far more expensive.

We stuck with the nightly Barbecue as our meal of choice.

Rabbi Cunin knocks a nail into the wall at the end of (what would have been) 'Shiva'

Back in LA

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