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Monday, November 27, 2006

High in the Dry

The wanderlust of the Wandering Jew has not left my blood . . .
The pure and simple pleasure of being on the road, as I wrote in 'To Hel and Back':

There's something very comforting about traveling in general; when I'm on the road I know that I'm going somewhere, something is happening . . .
It's even better when aboard public transportation -be it a plane, bus, or train . . . all is taken care of . . . the world flowing silently by the windows. It gives one time to think.
So here I find myself in Palm Desert,
To help -in part- mourn the passing of a Jew with no children.
To learn -mainly- for Smicha, Rabbinical Ordination.
And to relax -a little- in the high deserts of California.

I'll be here until the end of the week, and what adventures I will find in my free time -G-d alone knows.

As well,
The family that Blogs together, stays together . . .

This is just a shout out for my father's Blog: An Angeleno's View of the World.
A word, however, Liberals and Doves enter with caution.

Dad at work on Home of the Brave in Morocco

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A Simple Jew said...

I can see the resemblance.

Sefirah said...

oh no.
now all we need is mom to start blogging and we'll be a perfect modern family.

Mottel said...

ASJ -At least I know I wasn't adopted.

Sefirah -It won't take long . . .

Minor Fast Days said...

Ever read on the road by Kerouac or London Orbital by Iain Sinclair or Journey Around My Room by DeMaistre or Art of Travel by Alain De Botton.?

If you like travel, these are must reads.


Mottel said...

I'll look in to them.