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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dubai, Italian and Farsi

The other day, when looking at the IP addresses of people viewing my
blog, I noticed that someone from Dubai spent several minutes reading
my Blog . . .

Who'd of thought?

Mentalblog featured Sifry's Alerts

State of the Blogosphere, October, 2006: As we reported last
quarter, English and Japanese remain the two most popular languages in
the blogosphere. There were, however, some interesting shifts among
those languages less well represented in the blogosphere. Holding
steady in the number three spot is Chinese, although it has dipped
slightly to 10% of the total posting volume. A notable change, however,
is that Farsi has pushed its way into the top 10 languages in use in
the blogosphere, bumping Dutch, which had held the number 10 spot over
the last couple of quarters, into the number 11 spot.

I find it interesting that Italian beat out German, this despite
Germany's far larger (and I believe, younger -'tech savvy') population
and that Farsi was so high . . .

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esme said...

They are usually very curious about us (the dubai pple and CO)

The Flying Dutch Jew said...

Were is dutch ( holland )

Mottel said...

It was pushed from number ten down to eleven . . . Sorry Dutch Man!