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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Things Change in a Moment

was scanning the news on
. . . and learned of another tragedy -a family on vacation had been in
serious car accident. The father and daughter were killed in an
instant . . . the son and mother were in critical but stable condition.
How sad . . .

hen I stopped to think for a moment -I know the Houston community, who is this Masha bas Sonia and Peretz ben Masha?

Peretz ben Masha . . .

Peretz . . .

Peretz . . . Golding?

A chill ran down my spine.

Suddenly it was no longer a name on the Internet -it was a good friend of mine suffering monumental loss.

What's sad is beyond the tragedy -what's sad is that at times we only
nod our heads and say how sad -we say the occasional chapter of psalms
. . . but when there's that moment of recognition -things go cold.

Ay Ay Ay . . . I don't have words.
It's too much.

Yosef Simcha halevi Ben Esther - at one time, a room mate of mine, is fighting leukemia.

-Another passes away after only a few months of marriage.

And now this . . .

sn't it enough already?
May all those who need a Refuah Shleima -a complete recovery- have so now with the coming of Moshiach.


naomi said...


i know someone who was shot in the dawson college shooting, it's gets tough.

Minor Fast Days said...

I'm so sorry.

yoniQua said...

we need mashiach.