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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Still No Words

In regards to yesterday's post about Peretz ben Masha (may he and his mother, Masha bas Sonia have a speedy and complete recovery!)
I've collected a few other posts . . .

From Am I a Bloggatician:

I can't anymore!

 I'm too scared to even put the feelings I have into words. One of the dearest friends I've ever had. One of the few people who I actually looked up to and respected for his endless devotion to the proper cause... Was just in an extremely serious accident.
To say that I'm shocked is wrong. To say that I'm sad is a horrible understatement. I cannot even describe the black cloud that came over me last night, when I read that Habochur Hatomim Peretz Golding Sheyichye was in an accident with his entire family.
A week after Peretz read "Mi Yichye Umi Yomus" and asked Hashem to grant him a healthy and happy year ahead, his dear father and his only sister were killed in the car instantly. He only has his mother to mourn with him. Yet, they cannot mourn. That's because they are both lying in beds in the intensive care unit of the Houston Hospital.
Why... why... WHY G-D WHY!!!!!!!
Peretz is a Bochur who spent his last five summers in Yeka. He went for the thrill the first time. Was put through immense pressure. Running around with a bunk, while simultaneously following every American Pisher counselor around and translating for them into Russian. The next three years he came back a counselor... For the kids.
I've seen him get into debt over Yeka. I've seen him cry for his campers in Yeka. CRY! I've seen him push when nobody else was pushing.
He came to Yeka as a head counselor this year. I came to help him out with the little bit that I can do... What can I say. Devotion to the fullest! I have no idea what else to write about this. Anything I write just limits the emotions I have inside.

I'm now in NY.

Please, PLEASE! say Tehillim for Peretz Ben Masha and his mother Masha Bas Sonia.


Rug jerked out from beneath us...

I’m laying here trying to imagine what that phone call must have sounded like… and felt like, both on his end and on the recipient’s.
“My father. My sister... We got into an accident. My mother needs help immediately… My father… My sister… There’s nothing I can do…”

I can’t really imagine it at all, though I try, because my brain instinctively shuts it out. When I see him (please, G-d, he should have a complete and speedy recovery) my heart will feel so heavy, I’ll automatically cast my eyes to my feet, the floor between us, his shoes. Then slowly bring my eyes up to meet his, my eyes brimmed with tears. A kid needs his father. And his only sibling…
I only hope that he will find the strength to continue living his life, that he will experience joys that will lift his spirits and his heart. I hope he will bear many beautiful children for his mother. Only then, might they feel a sense of solace and comfort.

Hashem, You test us time and again. You place such a tremendous amount of responsibility on the shoulders of Your Nation – by having the heaps of trust in us that You do. Each time You expect us to be strong, to rise above the incidents that through “ Providence” have shattered our lives. You trust that when You pull the rug out from under us, we will remain upright, with a jump in place our only change in stature. You trust that we will not permit ourselves be swept off the board, whisked away with that rug You so daringly tugged from beneath us…

Well, we will not lose our balance. We will exceed Your greatest expectations and will thrive with an appreciation for life like never before. G-d, may You only see this and be satisfied with it, affecting You in ways only You can see… And grant us the final, and long overdue Redemption.

Our place is no longer in this mad world, where black and white are laced in grey and no one can see the straight path ahead.

Take us to a place where we will be able to see the beauty in Your Will. Where appreciation will be our everlasting emotion, holiness and purity our reality in our thoughts and actions, and “Baruch Dayan HaEmet” our only words.

Take us there, Hashem. Now.
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Mendy Pellin said...

As you said: there are no words.. the answer is ACTION.. please post the link for people to donate to the family to help them at least cover their basic needs..

Thanks for your help Mottel!