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Thursday, October 05, 2006

On Dog Treats

Anon. pointed out on my post "It's that time of the year again . . ."
Anonymous said...

what do you like then?! I don't understand, you don't like anything, cell phones, smoking, buying esrogim,
I would like to add to that list . . .
When shopping last night I had an epiphany while standing in line at the
check out counter, waiting for them to fix the broken register . . . I
fail to understand Doggy Treats
-I'm sure you now have a better understanding of what type a person I
am . . . I'm the kind that has an epiphany at 11:54 P.M. about doggy
treats while standing in a Pavilion's -Yes, I'm one of those . . .

ny how . . . I can understand why someone would own a pet,
I can understand that if someone owns a pet, there would be a need and
desire to 'treat' that pet . . . No, what I can not understand is the
concept of different types of treats for pets.
"What do you want Fido? The Fillet Mignon treat or the Philly Cheese steak Sandwich? How about the Pizza ones?"
I don't understand . . . does the dog know the difference between a
Fillet Mignon or a Philly Cheese steak? If he does, does he even care?
My dog for one seems to eat brisket and veal with the same zeal and
appetite as he does garbage and semi-rotten vegetable matter . . .

ven more so, is there a difference between the Sizzlin' Bacon and Taco flavor? If they were the same thing, how would we know? I doubt the dog would complain about getting Chinese flavored treats and not Italian . . . and would anyone out there taste it to find out?