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Monday, July 17, 2006

Why I hate stupid bugs

On the lighter side of things . . .
There are bugs out there that, though annoying, I respect. Mosquitoes
are annoying . . . but they're smart -they swoop in bite, and fly away.
Try to catch them, and you'll need to have some mighty fast hands.
Ants work with intelligence, their swarm is harmonized and synchronized.

But here in Lithuania we have stupid bugs -perhaps they're Polish (only kidding . . . it's not nice to make Pole jokes)
These guys swarm everywhere . . . but that's about it.
Oh, they also die. Everywhere.
When I leave the window open, I find dozens, if not hundreds, of them
dead on the window sill. And on the window. And in empty cups. And on
the floor. And on my hat.
Perhaps they have a short life-span. Acceptable for a bug.
But, man, are these bugs stupid.
One of them landed on my hat . . . the hat fell . . . the bug was squashed by the hat when it hit the floor.

Bug, use some seichel . . . You have wings!
If they land on the page of a book, they'll stay there until the page gets turned . . . eventually killing them.
My only hope is that at the rate I see them dieing, they should all be gone soon.

Those little flecks are insects behind the window.

Just waiting to be smooshed on the Tosfos (out of respect for the sefer, I blew it away. That also killed it)

Images from Vilna:

The sun after a storm

Hevel tinokos shel beis rabban -Mipi ollalim v'yonakim yisad'ta

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