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Monday, July 17, 2006

Bush says a bad-word, who gives a @#$! ?

86 people dye in a tsunami, 40 are blown up in an Iraqi market place, Israel is fighting a war on two fronts against international terrorist organizations . . .
and oooooh, the President said a bad word. I'm telling on you Mr. President.
Now that's news fit to print!
Perhaps we can see the stir in a better light, that the media sensationalized it in order to give some 'lighter' news to the world.
On the serious side, it shows that Bush means it when he backs Israel.
Ven s'tut vei, shriet men!

(Based on an article written for The Flying Dutch Jew)

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The Flying Dutch Jew said...


Mischa the Kvetch said...

Bush "backs" Israel only because his Christian Fundamentalist pals think this is fulfilling the prophesy in the New Testament's Book of Revelations, which will accellerate the End Times and thus bring about the condititions and circumstances that are "supposed" to occur before the Second Coming of Christ. Those fundamentalist pals are the core base of his voting block, and he listens to them.

Don't for a minute think that this is because Bush believes in the Jewish people's right to a homeland for it's own sake.

In the '90's Bush was quoted as saying he didn't believe that there would be a place for Jews in Heaven, because he believes thats what the New Testament says. Later he tried to back-pedal and "apologize" but it's certainly what his right-wing Christian advisors and voting block believe.

They want Armageddon.

And don't forget that his grandfather Senator Prescott Bush made the family fortune through war profiteering with the Nazis and Adolph Hitler. That family has no special regard for the Jews.

Mottel said...

Bush is not saint . . . or perhaps he is a saint, but no Tzadik.
I feel that 1. for whatever reason he helps us, if we gain from it, let him do it. If he feels I'll burn, that's his loss and error.
2. He has created a 'War on Terror', for better or for worse, it will be hes legacy. The current situation fits into and proves his point. He backs us, at least, because we are backing him.