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Monday, July 31, 2006

Karaim, Krymchaki, and Tatars -Oh My!

Some Background (for those of us who are either too ignorant or too lazy to look up the terms used here on Wikipedia):
Crimea has a history of Turkish (i.e. Tatar) Greek, Khazar etc.  influences . . .
The 'indigenous' Jews (as opposed to Ashkenazim and Georgians) are known as Krimchaki.
We were in Çufut Qale (Chefut Kale) in Bakhchisaray  . . . a Jewish Cave city.
Historically the place is said to be strictly of Kariate origin (A group opposed to traditional 'Rabbinic' Judaism)

  1. The Shlucha here has spoken to a historian who claims that the Jews who founded it were Krimchaki ('Torah true' Jews) and only later were subverted to the Karaim.
  2. The Karaim have distanced themselves from being a Jewish Religion (In Trakai the signs stated that it was a Mosaic faith with Moslem influences)
  3. The Ukrainians are more then happy to help cover up Jewish history in the area (Ruins once thought to be Greek in origin have turned out to be from an old Shul -some how they forget to mention that though . . .)
Here are the pictures with a limited, running, commentary . . .
Pictures marked with a * were taken by the inimitable Yankel Alder.

Lenin . . . I know, I also wondered why he was still here)


Notice that the house is built into the mountain.


Yankel, Sasha and . . . .

Akiva practices 'falling' *

Wall around the two Kenesas (Shuls . . . sorta)

The Shuls *

From the Czar's visit (May G-d bless and keep the Tzar . . . . far from us)

The Group *

From inside a cave near the Shuls



Road to Cemetery -notice the grooves from years of Wagon travel.

Stuck in a rut?

Gate to the cemetery

Mikvah for Tahara by the Cemetery? *

Eating lunch.

Back in Simferopol


A Simple Jew said...

It was worth the wait ;)

The Flying Dutch Jew said...

Nice photo's Mordechai.Give my regards to Yankel

Sefirah said...

more pictures please

Mottel said...

I'm glad you loved the photos . . .
As a note, all are welcome (and asked) to use them on their own Blogs etc. Just please give credit and a link back to here.
IY"H as time goes on I'll have more to take and share.

Baleboosteh said...

You have some beautiful photos!

Mottel said...

thank you