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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Death of a Muslim -Part II

Continued from below:

To summarize at what point is a person who acts against the beliefs of his group -no longer part of the group?
The truth is, that when one comes closer to home . . . the lines do blur . . .
A Tzfati 'terrorist' in 770 . . . Those in one camp say that he is not Chabad. Those in the other say he is. Side A then claims that all of side B either agree with or allow the likes of the terrorist, side B retaliates that no such thing would be done by a true member of side B . . . ad nauseum.

We must (and how much more so true terrorists etc.) take charge of our own . . . they are our own.

As to Islam or Christianity . . . despite many claims of peace, time has shown clearly where these claims lead to . . . what comes out was found with in.


Annie said...

Dear Mottel - Remember, G-d is a G-d of hearts - not of ideals or of minds. Each person will stand before G-d for judgement based on their actions, their wills and their minds.

No man will hide behind the leader of their group; blaming him for their actions. Each man comes to a time of decision - follow this or turn away from this - we will each be judged based on that decision.

May G-d bless you indeed.