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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Death of a Muslim -a debate


Letters of Thought: under debate -and loving it!

On Thursday, June 08, 2006 I wrote:

Interesting to note:
June 8, 632One day upon returning from a visit to a cemetery Muhammad became very ill. He suffered for several days with head pain and weakness. Muhammad finally succumbed to his malady around noon on Monday June 8, 632, in the city of Medina, at the age of sixty-three.(source Wikipedia)June 8, 2006U.S. and Iraqi officials confirm that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (pictured), leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, has been killed in Diyala.

I noticed a comment there today -I am not sure when it was posted:

anonyme137 said...
I couldn't retain myself from dropping you a note.WHAT IS INTERESTING?That two people died in the same day?What does al Qaida has to do with Islam that Muhamad spread?I think al Qaida is a group of FANATICS, as far as I know, Muhamad did not preach fanaticism nor hatered, he was not a friend of the jews but his followers and himself treated jews better than any other people!Muhammadian/Moslems follow a strictly lunar calendar by the way, birth and deaths have nothing to do with the christian calendar.Please, don't be a model media student, if you don't know about a certain subject don't spread unnecessary hatered between noahides (moslems are strictly monotheists) and jewish people by drawing readers's attention to baseless conclusions.I'd like to follow up, maybe I am wrong after all, maybe we should label others, just like other labeled us.Is this how we prepare the world for Moshiach?I am sorry for the stern talk if you felt hurt in anyways.Have a wonderful Shabbos

Mottel said...
I have no hatred to Muslims, besides for those who have acted in the most despicable ways etc.I merely found it interesting to see that al-zarqawi, who along with his al-qaeda buddies, felt that he was fulfilling Mohamed's will, died on the same day. When I saw how both things popped up on Wikipedia at the same time -it caught my eye. Little more. Mohamed near the end of his life was not friendly to the Jews under him, though many Jews did well under the Muslims, many more suffered as well. For example: the Almohades, the oppression of the Yeminite Jews and other such things serve as an example -and the two enumerated in the life of the Rambam alone! As to to your remark that the Muslims follow a purely lunar calender, it is true that the date has little barring to the Gregorian calender, in any event, as a Jew, the Hebrew date would be of greatest importance. However, as a matter of note, Reb Levik, the Rebbe's father, states that even non-Jewish names and the like have a connection and can be understood in a deeper (Torah) light -this being since everything is in the end hashgacha protis. (a disclaimer, I am in no way trying to say my remark is a fitting subject for such a deeper understanding -as noted above). Please feel free to follow up, even more so, I ask you -discussion is the whole point of this (and most other blogs).

In general however, it is interesting to note -where do we draw the line of who is within the fold of a religion?
A Jew who murders, though an abominable thing in Judiasm, is still a Jew. A Jew who sinned, but a Jew.
Yet I have heard from countless Christians that the Crusaders and the like were not true Christians . . . from Moslems that the Terrorists are not real Moslems.
Because they acted out of the true context of their religion. A real Christian or Moslem would never do such a thing.
Where do we draw the line?
Time is short at the Internetas Kavine. We shall continue on this point.
Here's wishing for (the real) Moshiach now!


anonyme137 said...

I agree, defining who is who among moslims or christian seems impossible, zarquawi pretends to be the model moslem, other moslems reject him, still other moslems consider him a hero.
I have no idea whether we need to draw a line at all, I think we are the only group of people easely defined, your mother is jewish?Then you are in the tribe, no questions asked! Muslims or christians are usually braught up that way, but there is no specific definition of who is muslim or who is christians, so everyone tries to make (invent?) rules to define the group, fundamentalists have their rules, liberals have other rules..etc.
Be well, we need Moshiach now!

Mottel said...

Thanks for the response . . . I'm glad we see eye to eye on other things . . .