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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

On 'A Day Without Immigrants'

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Living here in Los Angeles, Latinos, and
therefor illegal immigrants, have always been a fact of life . . . they
are an integral part of the city and for all extensive purposes, here
to stay.
And it doesn't bother me.

Am I for flinging open the borders to those who have come here illegally? No. Yet something must be worked out . . .

Of those people who I know who strongly support such strong
legislation I find at most their general opinion of legal immigrants
to be ambivalent; leading me to suspect that their opinions are
prejudice based . . . All this despite the fact that their own
Grandparents were Russian immigrants who never learnt a word of English
in their dear lives (In my opinion there are two groups of people who
don't learn English yet live here -those that are indifferent and those
that are ignorant . . . the later in my opinion is a venial sin)

Illegal Immigrants provide a task force that is willing to work on jobs
that are untouchable to the average American -I have yet to see a
destitute red blooded American unemployed solely because a foreigner has
taken the job of strawberry picker or house cleaner before him . . .

"The Senate is considering a proposal that would allow illegal
immigrants to obtain legal status, and eventually citizenship, by
working for six years, paying a fine, undergoing a background check and
learning English."

This to me seems the most viable plan.
It lets us keep America unique . . . yet brings in the labor force upon which we survive.

I wonder why, however, the protestors chose to waive the Mexican flag .
. . After all, wasn't their intent to show how they wish yo be Americans?

Picture taken by Sefirah


Sefirah said...

you can only guess that they put up the mexican flag because theyre mexican? right? other than that... maybe its all they had...or..just..didnt ... think.

Anonymous said...

The beauty of America. When illegal immmigrants feel threatened they march by the millions. Many wrapped in american flags. Their message, "we need America and america needs us". Look at Europe however. When immigrants feel threatened mayhem ensues. Cars are burned by the thousands, men are injured a country is shut down by violence. And yet they weren't even facing mass expulsion.

Mottel said...

To clarify my above post . . .
I'm being pragmatic about the situation -Action should be taken to stop the influx of illegal aliens; they remain, however, a reality that must be dealt with while here, and fill needed jobs the work sector . . .

Anon: Good point, America is indeed a Malchus shel Chesed -a Kingdom of kindness. In the future please post with a name though :-)