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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jewish American Heritage Month, 2006

Jewish American Heritage Month, 2006

"As a nation of immigrants, the United States is better and stronger
because Jewish people from all over the world have chosen to become
American citizens. Since arriving in 1654, Jewish Americans have
achieved great success, strengthened our country, and helped shape our
way of life. Through their deep commitment to faith, family, and
community, Jewish Americans remind us of a basic belief that guided the
founding of this Nation: that there is an Almighty who watches over the
affairs of men and values every life. The Jewish people have enriched
our culture and contributed to a more compassionate and hopeful America."

It's nice to see how Bush views the Jewish people . . . that we show the world that s'iz faran an Aibershter ofen velt . . . despite the notions of Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic Florida Rep. who pushed the proclamation through Congress, that ''There will be no religious emphasis. It will be purely cultural and educational . . . .'

Go figure, only Jew could try to fathom Yidishkeit with out the Yid . . .