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Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Post Pesach Pizza Syndrome Explained

In a previous post I wrote about the The Post Pesach Pizza Syndrome (3ps) that afflicts us . . .

Judaism offers a certain peace of mind in the various challenges that
face our lives; the phone rings on Shabbos -many the not yet observant
can't seem to fathom how one is to ignore the call . .

"But what if it's important?"

The answer, of course, is -"But what if it is not?"

In truth however, the actual answering of the phone is in consequential.
. . the same person would not be phased if the phone was not answered
do to some other distraction.

Instead the question arises due to the challenge on one's world out
look -the sudden confrontation with that beyond our range and spectrum
of daily activities.

As men, however (and by men, I mean members of the Human race), we must
rise above the natural compulsions of the animal within and run our
lives based on the one true inherent value that separates us from
them -our minds.

In Chassidic terms: "Vas m'tar nit -tar men nit, un vas m'meg -darf men eichet nit."

-Not all that one is able to do must he (that which we can not do, has already been taken care of for us) . . .

If so, the question then arises . . .

Why Pizza?

If it was readily available it would be one thing . . . but is it worth
ending Moshiach Seudah on such a note? Is this the culmination of our

True eating chametz has its role in Avodas Hashem -as we progress towards Shevuos it even becomes a mitzvah . . .

But I dunno, I dunno.
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Batya said...

Why? I don't know. We don't eat pizza after Pesach. We go to our neighbors for mouflata.