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Thursday, March 02, 2006


On Beauty

Venice from a Gondola

I see it in my dreams . . .
Every city has its own energy -the one of Venice is truly unique.

On Murder

On the Murder of Efriam Klein HY"D . . .
Last night we finally found a way to listen to sound clips etc. here in Poland -on Benyomin (the Polish Mashgiach's) old lap-top -a prediluvian computer that proudly sports a full gig of memory and 32 Meg of RAM (Oh yah!)
After listening to the community meeting I was left frustrated by the blatant agenda pushing touted by the community leaders . . . what we are dealing with is a tragedy of immense proportion, not a pundit for Gun Control . . . However important an issue it may be.

On Poverty

On the tram today a poor women came on with a young child -perhaps seven or so years old. The two of them held hands and began to solicit charity in a monotonous chant (something that sounded akin to the recitation of Mishnios ba'al Peh
) Mingling their way amongst posh Poles dressed in fur . . .
It dawned on me that, with their dark skin, they might be Gypsies . . .
Had I ever seen a Gypsy before?
Are they still to be called Gypsies?
They finished their solemn march, and exited the tram before it left the station.


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