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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Most Forgotten Finger

I was thinking the other day about the fingers on our hands, how useful they were . . . and then I wondered, 'Which finger is the most underrated -or rather least used ?'
At first I thought that it was most likely the pinky -I mean with name like 'pinky', and how small it is and all -but then I realized: It's the ring finger.

When we take a look at the finger family you'll see why . . .

First there's the thumb; he's big, fat, and the boss of the whole gang . . . think of him as the don of the finger Mafia. He does it all, and for good show, he can even give a thumbs up.

Then you have the Index, or pointer, finger -he's the nerd in the family. He goes by this fancy name 'Index' which reminds me of big fat books filled with all of this nerdy information, and is always showing people where to look, pointing out facts, and then -just when you're having a good time- he runs to the mouth and tells you to be quiet.

Next is the middle finger: He used to be such a good boy, but lately it hasn't been good news. You see, he's the rebel of the family -a rather nasty guy- and it really breaks the heart of the thumb family to see and hear how poorly he behaves . . . so we're not going to go in to much depth here. Needless to say, however, that when you see him it means that you're in trouble.

We'll skip for a second to the pinky:
True, he's the runt of batch . . . but look, he's a nice guy and all -he's even willing to do you a favor or two; to scratch your ear or, err, any other place that you need the little guy to go. And just watch out, he won't be small for long -or so he claims - he's got big plans ahead.

Now lets look at the ring finger . . . What is it good for? He's too big to be a pinky, to skinny to be a thumb, and he can't do much either. Have you ever tried moving your ring finger? Ha! He can't even stand up on his own if the other fingers are down. He's only good for one thing -wearing rings . . . and for a man -he's useless.

So here's to the ring finger . . . the underdog . . . let's wish him the best and give him a break by using him more often . . .for example to . . . uhhh . . . I donno -
Aggh, just forget about it.

Which finger do you find to be the most useless?
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The Flying Dutch Jew said...

nice article

Sefirah said...

what if we looked at the ring finger in another way. For instance, because it cannot work on its own isnt that considered "sharing?" Our ring finger teaches us an important message.