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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Camping in Cabo: A Photo Essay

This year for Passover we're spending our holiday with my good friend Rabbi Benny and his wife Sonya Hershcovich - the Chabad Shluchim to Los Cabos, Mexico on the tip of Baja California. (You can give 'em a tip and help their amazing work here - tell them I sent you!)

Our gracious hosts suggested camping on at the tip of the peninsula - where the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean meet.

Though I'm dreadfully behind on sharing photos - pictures of New Orleans, Israel and even Mendel's Bris(!) idle away on my hard-drive, the photos of our boat ride to Land's End and the Cabo Arch at the tip of the peninsula, and of our early morning walk after spending the night camping on the shore, are too good to pass up. 


California Sea Lions basking majestically on what is purportedly the last rock of California. 

The Arch of Cabo S. Lucas - take from the Sea of Cortes

That night we camped on the beach - and had a Passover style Kumzitz. The waves on Lovers Beach, named for the calm waters of the Sea of Cortes, lulled us to sleep.

Sporting my Foursquare tshirt
In the morning Chana and I went for a walk with the children on the two beaches.

Buenos Días Mexico!

Boo leaving the camp site - you can see where the tides came up to the night before

Boo on Lovers Beach

The Eponymous pelicans of Playa Pelicanos - We went snorkeling by that rock.

The path to the Pacific
The others side of the peninsula is the Pacific side. The tumultuous waters and strong rip current  make swimming very dangerous. The Pacific-side beach, then, is aptly named Divorce Beach. 

Boo crossing from the Sea of Cortes to the Pacific

The powerful waves of the Pacific beat against the beach

Mendel is a real camper!

A local water-taxi comes up to the shore to take us home


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