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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Art Institute of Chicago - A Photo Essay

As I've done in the past - enjoy the photos!

Click on the link to see them all!

I was actually surprised how many famous works the Art Institute had . . . their collection of French Impressionists was amazing . . .

I love Renoir

One of my favorites

Another great - love the guy in the red shirt and kasket smoking his pipe! Seurat's pointillism always fascinated me as a child.

Not my favorite - but a famous one.


Monet tops them all off as my favorite - the fact that he pained series of paintings makes it all the more enjoyable!

Some of my own art

American artists:

Love Nighthawks

Did you ever notice that the folds of his overalls and shirt look like the pitchfork?

Other Museums I've photographed:
MoMA, Hermitage
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bonne said...

I am of course, obscenely jealous. Most of these I've only seen in textbooks or prints.

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

Have they reopened the modern art wing yet? I was so bummed to not find the full Joseph Cornell collection the past few times I've been. When I lived in Chicago I went so many times. Degas is one of my favorites :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for these. I too love Nighthawks.


le7 said...

Nice, did you check out the miniature houses on the lower level? That part I liked a lot dude. We went there during sheva brochos.

Jason said...

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