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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Highest Sukkah in the World

Zebulon Pike tried to clime the mountain that would one day bear his name. Unable to make it to the pinnacle, he questioned if it was indeed possible to surmount the top.
Though he never did stand upon it's gusty peak, we did make the journey up.
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Pikes Peak from afar

At 14,115 feet, Pikes Peak comes in at half the height of Mt. Everest. Part of the yearly tradition in the Springs has been to bring a pop-up sukkah to the top, thus creating the highest sukkah in the world.

Jason, a dear friend of the Chabad, rented a car to ascend the winding path to the top.

A fox noshing on popcorn at the halfway point

Above the tree line there's only snow and rock against a gray sky

A look out down below to the Garden of Hashem and the city at large

At the top we quickly began to assemble to pop-up sukkah despite the strong gusts of wind on frigid top. As soon as we had put up the Sukkah, however, a park ranger came to us and told us that we had four minutes to take it down and leave the mountain top in order to be out by park closing.

We managed to gain a few extra minutes, in the interim greeting the guests at the Cog Train's arrival.

The train arrives

 . . . and the non-Jewish conductor offers to make an announcement on the loud speaker to let the Jews know there's a sukkah on the peak.

Unfortunately, the Jews were sparse.

Jason (a staff Sargent in the army) bentches Lulav and Esrog!

As seen on

Love the wind in the kapote

Enjoy the almost alien views on the way down.

Goodbye Pikes Peak

On the bottom we met an Egyptian man named Mahmoud who offered to make Falafel for us. Unfortunately it wasn't kosher . . . We spoke for a while, then noticed a most interesting person walking by - a guy with a brown kilt, rangers hat peaked with a feather, Lennon glasses, a a leashed dog, bowie knife and handgun at his military belt.

Speaking to him, it turned out he was Jewish!

And so the trip to Colorado ends . . .
Back to New York and back to life.

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e said...

It is a beautiful place.

Cheerio said...

weren't the kilt dude's knees cold?!

Mottel said...

-Cheerio: As a member of the pants wearing gender, the question didn't even occur to me - though it was rather warm out. Judging from the dress in our dear shecuna, however, I doubt people are phased by tings like cold knees in the face of fashion . . .

e said...

mottel, you gotta stop talking about the comments or lack thereof. VERY not cool.