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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dancing in a Cowboy Sukkah

A shorty of a post - this one has some of the amazing sites (and sounds - watch the rocking video!) of Chol Hamoed Sukkos in Colorado Springs.
Click on the link to enjoy!

The first day of Chol Hamoed we went to the campus to shake Lulav and Esrog - we managed to shake lulav with at least 20 plus Jews - out of a total Jewish student population of around 200!
ChaZaL came to jam on the guitar and get the students pumped about the party that night.

Bentching Lulav with a professor

Kalman Katz - a local Jew comes with his guitar and whiskey in hand!

The ad hoc Jam Band was great!

Cadets from the academy - l'chaim!

I've made this post rather brief - since the next one will be a real whopper!
Stay tuned next week for

A Lulav on Pikes Peak
Chabad Gets High in the Most Elevated Sukkah in the World!
A look at things to come:

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