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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weekly Riddle 8

Matisyahu's new music video Light . . . I like this new track - of those from the new album released so far, it's one of the strongest I've heard (and I happen to like most of the tracts out there) The video itself looks good, but it feels a little too ubiquitously PC (it depicts a group of token race youths) and what's with showing Prospect Heights, Williamsburg and other places but no Crown Heights? Come on now!

This one is worth 10 points:

White on Black
- from front to back
From above to below.
No impurity within me can go.

What am I?

2 points for anyone who can tell me Matisyahu's Hebrew name, and an additional 3 points for anyone who can tell me the answer of life, the universe and everything

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Kerstin said...

I'm rubbish at riddles, metaphorically no impurities can exist in pure light, which makes the darkness (black) fade to the bacground. Rubbish, right?

Matisyahu's Hebrew name is technically Feivel Hershel, although I read somewhere that rabbis advised him to continue with Matisyahu, a name he'd used throughout Hebrew school, etc.

lars said...



Modeh B'Miktsas said...

a yeshiva bochur.

le7 said...

I love the string tracks in this song.

Can he pay me to do it too?

chanie said...

The night sky?

Anonymous said...


Hebrew name is Herschel Feivel or something like that.

The riddle...hmmm...the mikve when it is at its dirtiest?

Answer of life, universe and everything - come on look in your own Tanya - lihyois loi yisboroch dira batachtoinim!

e said...

the torah was written as black fire on white fire. The letters on the luchos were readable from the front and the back. The Torah goes from above to below (see Tanya). And it says somewhere that the torah is not mekabel tuma'a.

And of course, feivish hershel and 42.

chanie said...

E- I would've said the Torah, for all those reasons, except the Torah was black fire on white fire- NOT white fire on black fire.

e said...

i thought that too, but I gave it a shot anyways.

Altie said...

ugh i always come too late.

but the only answer i did know was 42. i though his hebrew name was matisyahu.

Esser Agaroth said...


1. a funky and rebelious looking talith.

2. Matithiyahu

3. 42

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Mottel said...

-Kerstin gets the 2 points for Matisyahu's name,

-TRS gets 3 for 42.

-E, however, pulled off a trifecta of riddle mavendom . . . so he gets the 10 plus and additional 3!
Way to go.

-Ben-Yehudah: Thanks for stopping by!

Altie said...

hey i knew 42 also. just cuz i came late... u see why ur system doesnt work?

Mottel said...

Altie: Points here are strictly on a first come first serve basis. Because E, however, got all three right, gave him a few extra.
Ask him, maybe he'll share!

Altie said...

ha! nice try. i think he was sleeping in kindergarden when they taught that simple little rule... u must always share... now i shall never see any points.

well im following ur blog now (hold for applause) so maybe i stand a chance. probably not though.

e said...

Eh, mottel, what about the fact that the Torah was black on white, not white on black?

Also, you mix up the sefer Torah and the luchos. but whatever.

Altie: nah nah nah kish kish. I'm keeping all the points for myself.

Altie said...

that is sooooo 1st grade.

and ya, i didnt expect any less.

Mottel said...

-E: Ouch! When I'd thought of the riddle it was 'white and black', not 'on'- it seems when I wrote it down, I changed the wording for the worst. My apologies to those who didn't answer correctly due to the error.
Re: front and back - the Luchos are the epitome of the Torah - as the entire torah is included in the luchos etc. As well, it is double entendre - as it also refers to the Torah being there before (front) and after (back) the world.

chanie said...

Hey, not fair...that's what I would've said, except that it was black on white, not white on black. :(