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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Out and About Cuzco (for lack of a better name)

While walking about Cuzco over the past three weeks, I've collected a wonderful set of images. After seeing that a picture of me with a bird on my hand gets more comments then a political post that I spend
days working on . . . I figured that, at least for the moment, I'd go on a picture reprieve.

You know the drill, click on the link.

Locals looks at propaganda posters put up during the transit strike.

The fountain in Plaza De Armas

To locals and a tourist

A random puppy running around the square.

. . . Notice that the puppy is smaller then some of the birds

The puppy reunited with its owner

Calling out to G-d

You have your shield, I have mind.

The square

. . . in conversation

Viva Los Angeles

Lady and the tramp

Two more more dogs.

Peruvian barbwire -cacti (I'm serious people grow them on the walls)

Little girl with a lamb

While walking around an area that feels like Tel Aviv (there are Hebrew signs all over the place), we passed a shop playing Matisyahu. This Peruvian Rasta came out, and invited us into his shop . . .

Wishing everyone a Freilechin Simchas Torah

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Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

That last one was a shocker. Let's stick to your other various hats that do you more justice :) Loved the one of you and the pooch, very cute. And the first photo and all of your panoramic photos are amazing, as always.

Thanks for letting us take part in your adventures, once again :)

Rachel said...

I was going to comment on how great the photo "Calling out to
G-d" was, but as I went on I realized there were quite a few incredible photos in there. :)

(You didn't get any shots of the Hebrew signs, eh?)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the one of their shields and yours! Really funny! Also the last one, and all the other amazing pics. Pardon my ignorance though -- is any of that stuff in the last one avodah zarah?

In the first pic -- did u do color accent? 3 colors?

My all time favorite is the reflection of the shul gates in a rain puddle.

Leora said...

The puppy wins. But all are quite interesting.

tr3nta said...

almost surreal... cattle in the city...

Mottel said...

Wow, a lot of first time comments here.
-Chav: Thanks for the complements, as usual. I liked the hat though, looks rather Gandalfian.

-Rachel: I liked the man calling out also . . . thanks for the kind words. I'll try to get some better pictures with the Hebrew in it today.

-Leah: I don't think it's avodah zorah -at least not really. It's a bunch of weird stuff made only with the intent to make money off of tourists. In other words, it's made to look cultural and historic (which could be A"Z), but is really only like an Alpaca sweater -another way to get cash from the Gringos.
I used focal B&W for first photo

-Leora: They all love the puppy.

-tr3nta: the Llamas are walked around for tourists to take pictures with (for a few Soles), they look very cool though. May I ask how you found this blog?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this trip with you!
I will never get there, so this is wonderful traveling.

Greetings from Finland!

ChrissyM said...

What an interesting photo. You have such interesting photos, I like them a lot.

Thank you for your blog comments. No I have not read Allegra Goodman's book but will have to look into. The Mtns were gorgeous this past weekend.

tr3nta said...

Nope no HDR photos!!!...

Anonymous said...

wow!! this is an amazing photo