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Friday, August 29, 2008

Lost in the Alps

Our second day we went on a trip to the Alps and to the Rhine Falls.
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Davening by the border.

After clearing the Swiss border our driver was to take us to the 'Alps', though a significantly vague term, he was set on taking us to a rather random Alpine village . . . one which he promptly got lost trying to find.

Reaching Appenzell

A partial group photo


The Rhine Falls:

During my trip to Ulm over Pesach, the shliach suggested that we see the Rhine falls, the largest falls in Europe. Ultimately we went to Liechtenstein, but my interest in the falls was piqued -thus the chance to see them now was most appreciated . . .

The imagery of a branch hanging over the water was very powerful -it seemed an excellent parable . . .

Thus ended our first trip . . . stay tuned for those to come!

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Leora said...

Great photos! Love the kids interspersed with the scenery. The reflections from the stained glass windows is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Great photos; beautiful scenery and smiling folks.

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

So many comments to make!

The stained glass photo is beautiful, with the reflection on the floor. The water photos are equally beautiful. I love the photo of the four beards and the poor kid in the middle with not a scrape of facial hair :)

And the shades? Very nice!

Mottel said...

Thanks everyone!
-Leora: The stained glass took me a while to get . . . I had to wait for everyone to leave the room!
-Ilandavita: Thanks and as I don't believe I've seen your comments before, welcome to the blog!
-Chaviva: The kid ain't so poor -he wanted his picture taken with us! The shades are in fact transition lenses, my glasses turn dark in the sun.

Anonymous said...

great photos!
you're always in Europe, do you ever come by London?

Mottel said...

-Joshua: Thanks . . . I'm not always in Europe, though it does feel like that. If I'm ever in the London neck of the woods, I'll let you know.