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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Purim @ Virginia Tech II

On our way back we decided to stop off in Washington D.C. for a short trip and a chance to walk around . . .
Click on the link to see the pictures!

The journey begins . . . **

With only limited amount of time to spend in the capital, we opted to walk around the National Mall, as there was no time to properly see any of the museums in any event -besides isn't that how any red-blooded American ought to see his capital, by taking group pictures on the outside of museums?

The Washington Monument dom
inates the skyline and draws the eye to its presence throughout the area -hence the multiple shots presented below.

Notice the sniper in black on the right side of the roof

Walking to the WWII memorial *

It's Cali or bust!

National ducks

On to the Lincoln Memorial *


The Amazing Yankel

The Korean War Monument . . .

By the Tidal Basin

The Jefferson Memorial

The FDR Memorial

Photo Time

The Washington Monument

The Capitol


Paka Washington D.C.

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Kosher Foodie said...

Nice pics, my fav pic is the Jefferson memorial..
.Have you been to any of the smithonian museums? DC was my home for more than a year!

Anonymous said...

beautiful. dc has now been shuffled to the top of my list of places i need to see.
i loved the one of the memorial through the blossoming branches, or with the sun setting behind it...
and the one of you guys in the line of the statues!

Fajita said...

ur pictures are a beauty.
q- how can I post photos and have them come up in the same pretty size as yours do?

Anonymous said...

The Amazing Yankel is really Amazing!!

Anonymous said...

nice pictures
question-how can i post put "reade more..."on my blog

Anonymous said...

i mean not post put but only put and

Mottel said...

I'm glad all of you guys liked the photos . . .
In order:
I missed all of the museums -there wasn't a enough time to make going to one worth it.

D.C. is definitely worth checking out. The line of statues photo was a lot of fun taking -and our hats and coats helped us blend in perfectly.

I upload my photos onto Picasa web albums, and then use the html there for posting at 800px . . .

Залман, я не знаю, что вы имели в блоге -прислать мне по электронной почте, и мы попытаемся помочь вам. . . и вернуться к учебе

Chaim Friedman said...

Check Drudge today for a similar pic of the Jefferson Memorial through the cherry blossoms.
or check this article.

Yossi ! said...

Great pics!!

love the one with all you guys in the line...really worked out well!