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Thursday, February 08, 2007

White Shirts and Russian Boxers

Light posting today . . .

asked the other week,
"What happened to colored shirts?"

My answer made it in to the number Seven place (At the 14 minute mark)
It was featured in its entirety as well, as answer number thirty.

Rules taken from various Yeshiva application forms:

Shirts are to be solid white or white on white with
collars and having only white buttons. For PE only you
may wear a plain T-shirt or one with a Jewish theme
(i.e. Camp Gan Israel, etc.). Before returning to
Hebrew or English classes the T-shirt must be

• Solid white or white-on-white collared shirts
with only white buttons, no designs or emblems.

What not to wear under any circumstances:
• T-shirts, sweatshirts or any shirt other than plain white

Reasons for a white shirt:

-Soldiers in an army wear uniforms.
-Saves time when waking up in the morning ("Which shirt should I wear -the white one? Or the white one . . . How about the white one?")
-Saves money on valuable dyes made from exotic rain forest trees -thereby stopping deforestation and global warming.
-The colors have all migrated down to the socks . . .
-Makes bochurim more visible in car headlights on foggy days or on dark streets.
-Shows how clean of an eater the bochur is.
-Part of a giant conspiracy implemented by Penguins as part of their eventual plan to infiltrate the Yeshivah system.

As well, though I know it's been around already, I watched the video on Dimitry Salita and thought it was worth sharing for those of you who haven't yet seen it.

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Sef said...

im in crown heights in my friends brothers house when i hear from their computer "MORDECHAI LIGHTSTONE!" im like WHAT??
yeah they were watching that video.
freaked me out

Mottel said...

You could call me by the way