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Monday, November 20, 2006

My Lost Pen

I had a Pilot G-2 pen . . .
You know, one of those inky pens that cost around two bucks a pop?
Anyhow, I lent it to someone sitting in a car . . . who subsequently drove away with it.
Had it been a Bic ball-point pen, I would let it slide -after all a pack off twenty goes for a dollar.
Had it been a Parker Pen or even more so a Cross or Mont Blanc, then I doubt the person would forget to give it back, nor would I forget to ask for it back, and had the two occurred, I would most surely find a way to get it back.
But when it comes to a Pilot Pen, I find it rather odd to ask around for my lost piece of plastic . . . yet two dollars is not something I'd normally for go.

Have you seen this pen?

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Anonymous said...

In bais yaakov we all use these pens, school buys for us:)

Anonymous said...

By us they cost one Lit.