The letters of our thoughts are the ideas present in our mind before they come to realization . . . Thoughts that are, yet not felt . . . The words of the subconscious . . . of the soul . . .


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Living in my head

As a child I lived almost exclusively in my head.
Though possessing of friends, I was slightly unathletic and relatively well suited to spending time in thought . . .
By and large I lost interest in my 'thinking' upon entering middle
school . . . These were the years that I had to start thinking about
college (yes, that's what I had been told at the age of 10) and new
interests in the real world and it's peoples began to grow,

Until that time though, besides normal school yard games and reading, I would spend
my days 'producing' my own Television network, complete with commercials and all (in
truth they were jokes -'Funny Jokes', not commercials, that would play
during the 'breaks' -times when I would be busy with the real world and
not be able to attend to the needs of broadcasting my various programs).

I knew it was all fantasy, yet the world took on a type of magic . . .
Walking around no longer was just walking around, but rather flying a
spaceship over an alien world or creeping through some ancient jungle
in search of Mayan ruins . . .

In some way those thoughts live on with in me . . . Perhaps not the
'shows' themselves, but the introspective nature has not fled entirely
to the nether regions of my mind -I often play out an innumerable
number of scenarios in my head . . .

At times it serves as an advantage; on mivtzoyim I've thought up most possible conversations and responses.
At times it is a weakness . . . I go mad over how some wild machination
of mine will be worked out -only to find that G-d's plans for me lie in
some other horizon . . .

But what can I tell you?
After these Funny Jokes, we'll be right back.

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