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Monday, November 07, 2011

Weird Sign .... Monday

While they may be referring to a family sending their twins in, I doubt it's what they meant by meeting "Your babies needs"


Gezhe hater said...

Those crazy BTs have infiltrated our community to the extent that Morahs now need to advertise that they only use natural cleansers.

Mottel said...

They are BTs!

e said...

even if you had twins, you'd still need a morah who caters "to your babies' needs."

Anonymous said...

that was totally disgusting and uncalled for comment.. this entire post is stupid. is someone not allowed to make a typo? does that make it weird? no, just a funny mistake.

Mottel said...

Honestly Anon? You might be better served to see the context of this series - it's all about strange signs, funny typos etc.
Then again, as you're commenting anonymously, you lack the basic dignity to identify yourself in the first place . . .

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at your response.

here you are attacking a person.. with the phone number, their livelihood.. and then you start to make fun of who they are.. what wonderful Lubavitch love!

This post reminds of Satmar love.

Mottel said...

Anonymous - let me get this strait.
1. You refuse to dignify us with a name for yourself.
2. You accuse me of attacking someone - when I merely pointed out a typo.
3. You somehow imply that I've taken away from their livelihood - something that can not be substantiated.
4. You claim that I've made fun of them - when no such evidence exists

and after all of these spurious and unsubstantiated claims, you attack an entire congregation of frumme Yidden!? What did Satmar ever do to you? Where's your 'Lubavitch love'[sic]?

I can only conclude - that
A. You don't understand what's going on in this blog post.
B. You're probably closely connected to whoever made this sign.