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Monday, July 19, 2010

Lubavitcher Fashion

While speaking with Jacob Berkman from the Fundermentalist Blog several weeks ago, he mentioned Lubavitcher dress styles -
'What's with pointy shoes you guys all wear?' He said . . .

Inspired by his comment, I give you Lubavitcher styles (be they chassidish or frie) that gotta go (in no particular order) . . .


  • Pointy Shoes: I don't mind a little point in my shoes . . . but buddy, when your shoes can put out an eye with their tips - they're called women's shoes . . . and they gotta go.
  • White iPod Earphones: It's bad enough most Lubavitchers buy an iPod without researching better options . . . but do yourself a favor and ditch those ugly white 'buds. What's wrong with white? They stand out like a sore thumb against dark clothes and beards.
  • Backpacks: To my brothers from Hadar Hatorah, Tiferes and Mayanot - your bright orange college backpack does not fit with your black suit and hat. When's the last time you saw a business exec. wear one?
  • White socks: one word: DIB
  • Sandals: To my Israeli brothers - this isn't kfar Chabad . . . and to my flip-flopped Kingston chillers - why must you walk down the main thoroughfare like you rolled out of bed. 
  • Really really long hair on guys: Listen, Mendy, your Jew-fro looks dorky - cut it.



fakewood inc. said...
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sarabonne said...

1. Seriously? If headphones matching an outfit is an issue, I think there's a much bigger problem going on here.
2. Nothing wrong with a navy Jansport.
3. What does DIB mean?

Modeh B'Miktsas said...

1-A bright orange backpack goes perfectly with a business suit. Ask any middle management IT exec.
2-Nothing wrong with big hair. If nothing else, it ensures that they have peyos.
3-We have already discussed DIBs once. IIRC you did not recant your anti-Israel stance and my Zionist fanaticism registers its protest.