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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mottel on the Big Easy Part II - On a Boat

It's ironic. Letter's of Thought began as a travelogue - every trip I went on was blogged within in days, if not hours, from my return . . . yet with all the blessings in my life, thank G-d, I just don't have the time to do things like I used to put up my travels right away.

While in New Orleans before Purim, we decided to take a ride down the Mississippi.
Click on the link to see it all!

I'm going to keep the commentary brief - so that you can enjoy our trip on the USS Natchez much the way we did . . .  Silently taking in the sites (with an Abita Beer in hand!)

It was interesting to note that while discussing the history of New Orleans, the Southern belle narating on the loud speaker, actually referred to the War Between the States!

I loved framing this shot!

New Orleans and the French Quarter

Some of the many Japanese tourists. (This one is for you Nemo-San)

One of the tourists from Japan had Leica D-Lux like me. It took me a moment to explain to him that we were 'Camera Brothers.'

Another shot I enjoyed taking - You are Beautiful

Folks, out sugar is processed here!

All in all the trip was rather dull - I wouldn't recommend it on a tight schedule - but if you have a few hours to kill . . .

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A Suede Ḥossid said...

Nice pictures.

New Orleans is a nice place to visit, but a hell to live in.

“War between the states” as opposed to the “war of northern aggression”? It wasn’t really a civil war (a war between two parties for the control of the government). And from southern point of you, they rightfully seceded, and the federal Northern government invaded and brutally annexed the states, imposing afterward military rule and destroying the concept of federalism.

The Real Shliach said...

You'd probably enjoy New Orleans more if you weren't Jewish.

Anonymous said...

Very nice pictures. You have a flare with a camera, I see.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Rav Moshe said that the Halachah, in every place, goes by the Rebbe's ruling?

A Suede Ḥossid said...

TRS — but New Orleans has some of the best mashpi’im.

The Real Shliach said...

You're saying that despite its being a place best enjoyed non-Jewish, there are attractions for Jews too?

A Suede Ḥossid said...

Indeed. There is little for a Jew to do in New Orleans, except the excellent chassidish community.