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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Weird Sign Wednesday XV - Pashkville Edition

I'm putting the finishing touches on the first New Orleans post . . . until then - enjoy another Weird Sign Wednesday

Kolel has a policy - they let any pashkville float around the place - only letters about shlichus opportunities get ripped up . . . but I digress
Erev Shabbos I saw this lovely letter written by "One of Anash [i.e. a Lubavitcher]" decrying Hatzalah of Crown Height's policy of driving back from the hospital themselves on Shabbos - as opposed to being driven back by a non-Jew -  a policy, claimed by the letter, to be practiced in the holy communities of Williamsburg, London, Boro Park, Antwerp and Monsey.
This pashkville goes on to complain that in Crown Heights we act like the "Moderne" - something clearly against the will of the Rabbis of Crown Heights.

No I'm not familiar with the particulars of the Halachos here . . . I'm sure hatzalah here has rabbonim they consult.
Which is what bothers me here . . . picking on people who go out on a limb to help others is wrong. Coming into a community that isn't yours? Epic Fail.

How do we know this pashkville wasn't written by a Lubavitcher?
  • Who in Lubavitch writes a pashkville in Yiddish?
  • If someone did . . . they wouldn't write it in a Poilisher Yiddish

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Hirshel Tzig - הירשל ציג said...

it's not a Poylisher Yiddish, and please don't insult all of CH by saying that NOBODY would write in Yiddish

Mottel said...

Wow . . . The tzig commented.

Who in Lubavitch uses non-Yivo standard Yiddish?
instead of וויא

How am I insulting CH by saying that nobody write a public paper in Yiddish?
I seem to recall seeing signs from the times of the FR, if not the Rashab, written in LaHak.
Today it is most definitely the standard, with the exception of signs for kids in Cheder, to write in LaHak in Crown Heights.

The whole tenua of this thing is not in the style of Lubavitch . . . Luckily we haven't become that Hungarian yet.

This is all besides the fact that people saw the guy who put it out . . . and he wasn't a Lubavitcher.

e said...

tzig: it may be embarrassing, but it's still true. In lubavtich nobody would write a pashkvil in Yiddish. Maybe you'll find yiddish in addition to Hebrew and English.

And certainly nobody would write in that kind of yiddish. Lubavtichers writing in yiddish always use the same spelling as lk"sh.