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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Weird Sign Wednesday IV

This week's Weird Sign Wednesday comes in conjunction with yesterday's way classy 2010 Kosher Restaurant & Wine Experience

What makes this sign odd isn't so much what it's advertising, Baron Herzog Jeunesse, but rather the way it sells the product . . . and even more, the location.

You see, the picture was taken on Franklin Ave between Lincoln and S. Johns pl - id est the complete and total non-Jewish {frum} part of Crown/Prospect Heights. Do stores in that area even sell it?
Were this on Kingston I'd say it's an odd advertisement for Kosher wine, but out here . . . Weird Sign Wednesday.

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e said...

yeah, wrong advertisement on the wrong block.

Der Shygetz said...


Herzog/Kedem has been the importer for a couple of single malts for a few years now and they have distribution into all the liquor stores. Also, middle class Black people (of US and Caribbean origin) have always liked old fashioned Jewish sweet wine which means Kedem has been getting stuff into areas like Franklin Ave even before Kedem went upscale.

Getting a decent kosher wine into the mainstream might bring prices down for core kosher consumers (but knowing Kedem as I do this is probably wishful thinking).

Yossi said...

hmmm. Four is still too many steps.

Big Moish said...

This sort of reminds me of when I was in some hickville in AZ, and I saw a chabad telethon sign on the bus stop...
Yeah, I think they need a new p.r. dude.