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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Weekly Riddle: 17

Confusion by the day of the moon, born from Boredom by the eve of the sun,
A false, work, at that time, had been done.
Don't scratch your head, don't let time rot,
Random characters and thoughts, meanings have they not.

What am I?

Twenty points for answering!

I'll give an additional 30 points to anyone who's read one of the books in my "What I'm Reading" side bar and can say something interesting.

There's an additional 10 points to anyone who stands up right now and shouts "Yipi Kay ya yo!" three times loudly, and finally 20 points for anyone who completes the Iron Simcha challenge! 

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Yossi said...

ok, I'm still thinking about the riddle. but i did the yipi kay ya yo thing, and I read most of Jewish pirates. But I forget the interesting details. sorry.

Anonymous said...

blogging/wasting time at the computer

sarabonne said...

I don't suppose it a fiction book? Or maybe just a werewolf.

e said...

I got it! Sunday night you were bored and wrote that earlier post about wings which don't fly. On Monday you got confused and by mistake posted it. We really should waste our time trying to figure out that post.

And I just screamed "Yipi Kay yo ko!" six times loudly, and the librarians are in middle of kicking my out. So you better give me my points.

Iron simcha challenge=horrid grubkeit said...

Shame on you.

Mottel said...

-Grubkeit: I don't take to anonymous ad hominem attacks. Put your name and then tell me why my joke is shamefull. Thanks.