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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

FBI records on Chabad

For those interested, I give you the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) profile on the Rebbe:

Rabbi Menachem Schneerson was born on March 26, 1902, in the USSR. Other Jewish citizens visited him, many of them visiting from Israel.

Nothing much, but interesting as it is.
Due to the Freedom of Information Act, all kinds of interesting things are up there . . .
You can see their press release about the class they just gave at the Kinus, the records from the case with the Spinka etc.

l'havdil elef havdalos, you can check also out people like Martin Luther King, Sinatra and others.
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Anonymous said...

Interesting where they got the date from. 11 Nissan 5662 corresponds to April 18 in the Western calendar, or April 5 in the calendar used then in Russia; where'd they get March 26?

(And anyway, the Rebbe's official papers - including his citizenship forms, if I recall correctly - give his birthdate as March 1, 1895.)

Dowy said...

And thats all they have?

e said...

indeed. t'is interesting.