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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Weekly Riddle 14

Spirit of Man, levity of G-d
To the Easterner for sin, the Westerner for a sot.
Blossoms from the earth, betwixt your lips as a sea
To the children of three, a blessing I shall be.

What Am I?

This Week's riddle is worth 15 points. I'll give another 5 points to the first, second, third and tenth people to comment. I'll give 25 points to the first five people to leave "LoT has no end! DIES MERCURII VIII ID. OCT. VDCCLXX A.V.C." as a comment on The Highway back to Krenitz, The Real Shliach and Nemo's Ramblings.

Last but not least, I'll give 3 points to each person that tells me what they'll be making kiddush on Simchas Torah.

Good luck y'all!
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