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Thursday, July 16, 2009

CNN and Palestinian Puff Psychology

Just a quick rant before chassidus:

CNN ran a  puff peace about Al-Aqsa's infamous 'Young Pioneer's' show . . .the one that gave us Mujaheed Micky Mouse (farfour) and other such lovely gifts of human life.

The entire article reeks.
From speaking about a young girl 'defiantly' spouting propaganda,

"The young anchor sounds a defiant note: "And here we say to the occupier that we will follow her doctrine, the doctrine of the martyr mujahida Reem Riyashi, until we liberate our homeland from your illegitimate hands." "

To quoting bunk Palestinian pop-psychiatrists that blame the shocking rise in desire for 'martyrdom' amongst children, as a result of
". . .children in Gaza [being] so traumatized by Israeli-Palestinian violence over the years that their perceptions of life and death were damaged." and not the propaganda and failure of the Palestinian educational system.

If such bunk is to be believed, then why isn't it extended to the other side? Why not say so called [and patently false] ware crimes of the Israeli army on trauma from the violence over the years? No, that? Never . . .


Time to learn torah

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e said...

horrible! Will there ever be peace in the middle east?

Nemo said...

I don't get your argument.

Mottel said...

-E: When E smiles.
-Nemo: To fall back on the argument that the rise in violent attitudes amongst Palestinian children is due to the conflict (besides the fact that such a ploy is very often explicitly worded to blame Israeli actions) is very limited . . . it seeks to exonerate the fact that Hamas has effectively been brainwashing this children from birth on!
What is more, if we are to abide by such a postulate, should it not equally extend Israeli aggression in light of trauma of qassams suicide bombers etc?