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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Help this Pesach and Give the Gift of the Exodus from Egypt!

As longtime readers know, I've regaled the public in the past with stories and photos from my experiences leading Passover Sedarim abroad.

This year, for various reasons, I'm covering part of the expenses.
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I originally wrote a generic sounding appeal (which cen be seen below . . . but I have since decided to cut the shtick.
Please help. We all know money is tight across the board, and philanthropy is the first thing we tend to cut . . . But if we're hurting, imagine how much more so others are!
{Back to the generic appeal}

This year you can be part of the mitzvah and have a z'chus in uplifting those unable, or ignorant of how to, lead a seder in their home.

Like Misha the Soviet General, who cried after the seder in Šiauliai (Shavel), Lithuania,
"'You see!' he said in glee, 'There is nobody besides G-d! . . . I'm a Jew!'"
others will discover new heights and joys in the Pesach experience.

As well, for all donations of $50 or more, I'll send a special limited edition print of an artistic photo from the trip.

I plan on working out other incentives as well,

The ultimate incentive, however - the mitzvah and merit - is for all of us . . . even those who give only a few dollars.

Any questions can be left in the comments, emailed to mordechai7215 at gmail dot com, or sent to @Mottel on Twitter.

Please Help!

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Mottel said...

Please give even a dollar!

sarabonne said...

best way to get through a crowd is to start asking for, good luck

Nemo said...

Un kein busha ...

Anonymous said...


When the donate button is clicked, it just goes the login page for PayPal.

Mottel said...

-Sarabonne: You're telling me!
-Nemo: A man's got to make a living!
-Anonymous: I set it up to pay through PayPal, it's easy and universal. If you'd like to give through some other means, please email me! mordechai7215 at gmail dot com