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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Thoughts of Yud Shvat in at 3:36 (בנוסח חיפושיות הקצב)

Today is the day of the beginning of your creation . . .
Today is the day that we can no longer play games. Don't hold pheasants in your breast - we've got to cut the shtick.

An astounding burden has been placed on our shoulders - tzu ois matteren di golus . . . to get through the gówno that we've dragged ourselves into.

You gave us everything . . . Even your name.

מיר זיינען חסידים?

With what are we worth the words Lubavitcher?
Do we understand the achrius placed on us while we gallivant around with such a title?

If someone searches Yud Shvat, Rebbe, Smicha . . . Chabad - they'll come to us.

Do we show it?
בנוסח חיפושיות הקצב
ר"ל -

Rebbe: you look through me . . .
Where did I go?

You know me, that I know.

I'm no different, but yet (in my folly) I think I've changed

I'm looking at you, you're still the same . . .

As I said before:

מ'זאל זיך צובינדען צום רבי'ן און איםממלך זיין אלס אונזער נשיא פונדאסניי

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The Real Shliach said...

Hamaaseh hu haikar. Less talk, more deeds.

LE7 said...

u. Not ouch ouch, but personal ouch here.

Sefirah said...

speak for yourself

LE7 said...

My 'u' should have said "ouch."

Der Shygetz said...


to get through the gówno that we've dragged ourselves into.
Hmmm...blotteh in Polish is gówno which I know very well from speaking Russian......not last time I checked LOL!

While you are at it if you want to tell the Norwegian prime minister what you think of his country's anti-Israel policy and cowering to Muslims just write to

LE7 said...

Either way, posts like this make me want to delete my blog and drop out of college.

Der Shygetz said...


Yes, college is gówno - its only use is that like all gówno you can use it to grow flowers if you know how to do it and if you have flowers that need college gówno to grow.

LE7 said...

Yeah well the powers that be seem to think I have those flowers... ach.

Mottel said...

-TRS: Did you hear? A certain Blog said I have a point.

-LE7: Wow I didn't know my words were that powerful!

-Sefirah: You speak for yourself on your blog.

-Der Shygetz: Ha!

LE7 said...

Yeah, well, through all of my incessant frivilous babbling, chit-chatting and making fun, I am listening. Wield it wisely.

tracy said...

This is just too beautiful for words...thank you, Mottel.

Ha-historion said...


You might find some of my recent psosts interesting.


בידור ובמה said...

אהבתי מאוד. מדובר בקהילה מאירופה או ארה"ב?