The letters of our thoughts are the ideas present in our mind before they come to realization . . . Thoughts that are, yet not felt . . . The words of the subconscious . . . of the soul . . .


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Looking Through Me

Before I leave the Pro-Israel bit: Check this out . . . it's great.

- I wonder at times . . .
Where does it all begin.

I'm looking at You, but trying to see me.


The sound of my voice as it reverberates and echoes in the empty chasms of within.
Growing stronger, gathering speed . . .
An army of a thousand songs, burning and blazing like a savage fire in my breast . . . coming out at last past the jagged guardians of

speech as a desperate gasp.

- Where did I loose you? Was it somewhere in me? Do you tune out, when I'm tuned in?

- As to this one . . . is it? It is? Tis all, but perhaps tis not.

Don't be a fool, Mottel, do what's right and ignore what's wrong. Don't answer the dolt, lest you be tangled in his foolishness.

March on. Break through. Let it be.

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Leora said...

I love the photo and the sculpture...but it doesn't look like it's yours...

I admire your "poetry", even if I don't get it.

Mottel said...

The photo isn't mine - hence the photo credit :-)

The poetry doesn't make sense to anyone, myself included!

Farbrengen said...

I really enjoyed the writing of this piece. I love the line "I'm looking at You, but trying to see me." in so many ways this is such a truth of our existence with others, ourselves, and of course with Hashem (you were getting at that point with the entire piece? I hope that I understood it correctly.) If this makes sense to me, but it doesn't make sense to the author himself, then perhaps I myself make no sense!

Mottel said...

That happens to be one of my favorite lines in the piece, perhaps the reason why I wrote it. It exists on every level, and speaks to and about many . . .
The words aren't written to connect one idea with the next, but rather as a string of thoughts, emotions, and what - all flowing one into the next. Thus it doesn't make sense entirely to me - it's a collection of thoughts/

Farbrengen said...

That's exactly why i like it so much. Although it's a flow of thoughts etc, the meaning I took out of it was that there is fire and passion within... waiting to surge out, yet there is a struggle as to where this fire is- is it good or bad?
And then when we reflect, we see that the fire we wish we had for doing the right things, is just not as firey as we wish... So we just have to go forward. Move on, keep doing what's right, channel the passion to good, and if it can't be channeled yet, then keep going and it will follow.

In any case, I really like this whole bit.

LE7 said...

Yeah I like it too but I noticed I was starting a resemble a groupie in most of my comment behavior in the blogosphere.

Cheerio said...

favorite line "An army of a thousand songs, burning and blazing like a savage fire in my breast . . . coming out at last past the jagged guardians of

speech as a desperate gasp."