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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Here We Go Again - Israel's Northern Front

Image credit:  Itzuvi

The Muqata is reporting that Katyusha rockets (the kind Hezbollah used in the last Lebanon War) have landed in Northern Israel . . . 
CNN has details:

At least three rockets struck northern Israel from Lebanon on Thursday morning, wounding two people, Israeli police and emergency medical services said.Those wounded suffered minor injuries, medical authorities said.

As someone said on Twitter, When Israel is forced to strike back at the Terrorist hiding behiond civilian lines, the world needs to remember who struck first.

I had wondered if Hezbollah would take advantage of the situation . . . it looks like my fears have come true. 
B'ezras Hashem things well be fine.
Jpost adds:
In the IDF's Northern Command, assessments were that the short salvo on Thursday morning was likely to have been fired by Palestinian terror groups and not by Hizbullah, but it could not be ruled out whether Hizbullah might have told Palestinian groups to fire at Israel as its proxies.

The Muqata has added that the attacks up North hit a nursing home and that there is fighting near Kissufim between IDF and terrorists!


tracy said...

Thank you for your updates on what is happening in Israel, Mottel. i don't much trust the US network news anymore. i rely on friends (i hope i may call you that!) like you and others actually in Israel to let me know what is r e a l l y happening.
Prayers for peace and for you,

chanie said...

Well, you can believe what I tell you- I am in Israel.

Yes, a Katushya landed in a nursing home bedroom in Nahariya.

Mottel- guess what? The occupants were in the dining room! Miracle, no?

Mottel said...

Wow, B"H, Amazing!