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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Britons accuse the the BBC of Pro-Israeli Bias(?)

And no my friends, this is not a joke.

CNN is reporting that the blokes at the BBC refused to "broadcast a plea from leading British charities for aid to Gaza . . . "
For which I applaud them but there reason? 

  "[T]he ad would compromise the public broadcaster's appearance of impartiality."

I'm not sure what's more ironic - that the BBC still considers itself a bastion of impartiality (for those of you who have been living in haze of an apologetic cloud  - or under a rock- I refer you to Honest Reporting's One Year Analysis of the BBC) or that people out there actually think the BBC is honestly a pro-Israel organization . . .

In any event, I give credit, where credit is due, and thus wish to commend the BBC (for once) for sticking to their guns - it is entirely inappropriate to give credence to those who wish to aid organizations such as Hamas that are labeled by governing bodies, including the EU, as terrorist groups.
What is more, a news organization  is obligated to remain impartial, and by airing advertisements for such a cause breaches the very fabric of fact and impartiality upon which news is based.

Good on you BBC . . . Now let's see you keep it up!

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Anonymous said...

This morning Thompson, when interviewed on the Today Programme stated the decision was his responsibility.
His performance was a lesson on how not to conduct yourself during an interview, with poor delivery and reasoning, and it was difficult to believe he is the head of bbc.
It is obvious that Thompson, who has a poor record of decision making, is not capable of running such a large corporation.