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Sunday, December 28, 2008

From My Inbox:

Dearest One,
It is my pleasure to contact you, i know my
message will come to you as a surprise.I am Nina, the only child of
MR Careme Konal My late father deposited 6.5millon dollars in finance
company hear in Cote d'lvory, before he die, for on-word transfer aborad
through diplomatic cargo for investment purpose,
This is an a confidential matter to be delt with carefulness to enable
us understand more better with the fund to be a benefit to every one, Or
if it can'nt be possible for the trip here, We can negotiate at any
nearby country to come with this fund with all proves as a withness for
the vital truth behind the stories and with the fund.If you are willing
to assist me send to me your full datas  or your informations so that i will submit it to the
finance company for them to contact you. for more details you need to konw,
From Miss Nina Konal

So, Should I do it?

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Anonymous said...

If you want a whole bunch of more junk mail, then yeah.
Otherwise delettttte!

LE7 said...

Yeah, it does sound like an excellent deal. Go for the money.

The Real Shliach said...

Maybe this could be a good Shidduch!

The Real Shliach said...

The you get the money no questions asked.

Rabbi Lars Shalom said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mottel said...

Lars, until you get some treatment, you're not welcome on my blog -especially for meaningless self plugs.

e said...

I don't know what these people want. A few times I wrote back that I'm really thrilled to cooperate with them, and they never wrote back.

Cheerio said...

it would certainly make for an interesting story...

Angeleno's View of The World said...

Isn't the "one" Obama? Send it to "the one we have been waiting for". He has relations in Kenya too.

Guest Fan said...

Naah, just another sneaky shadchanus scheme to extract "full datas and informations" LOL

Mottel said...

- E. and Cheerio: I once saw a blog post where someone got one of those, supposedly written by Suha Arafat . . . he tried to get a normal an interesting response - but to no avail.
-Angeleno: Wouldn't put it past him
-Guest Fan: Don't laugh, you may be right!

redsneakz said...

To quote The Office... "When a Nigerian Prince asks you for help, you answer."


tracy said...

Just a thought...i've gotten a bunch of letters like those and i'm pretty sure they are not real. But, don't put your trust in me!