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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Festival of Light: A Photo Essay

Click on the link to see the photos from the Matisyahu Concert.

If you have a chance to see it yourself here in New York, it goes on for the rest of Chanukah - tickets can be purchased here

The Hall

The question if a Matisyahu concert is the appropriate venue for a "Chassidisher Bochur" is beyond the scope of this post . . . let it suffice to say that while I don't think it's optimal, those who would go to other places would find this as an obvious improvement . . . What can not be denied, however, is the outreach potential of the event (Notice my use of the word outreach, as I don't think it would be appropriate under the term Mivtzoyim)

There is something about seeing hundreds of Jews excited about the Jewish identity that is real quite amazing.

Lighting Menorah with Matt!

Me and fellow Jew - Daniel

Matisyahu comes out, starting with one of my favorite songs -Time of Your Song

The choice of songs was great - I enjoyed the selection from the yet to be released songs from his coming album "Light", classics from "Shake Off the Dust".
I loved the artist (I believe Sholom) from Idan Raichel Project on the Tar, and the children's chior for a upcoming song was also night.

This was the first live concert I had heard, so my standards for judging Matisyahu's perfomance at best were based on the previously released live albums -such as "Live at Stubb's". Matisyahu's voice wasn't as smooth - he sounded somewhat strained, perhaps from the exhausting time spent on the road - but his energy was there, and the crowd definetly reciprocated!

Children singing a song that will be featured on his new Album "Light"

A Shma Yisroel like this? . . . Must have been something he picked in Karlin


I liked the way this one looks

Now that's a Dreidel

"Where are all the Lubavitchers in the house"

The End

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Cheerio said...

loved: the one with the boy lighting the menorah, the one of matisyahu in red light, the one in regular light, where you can really see his face, the dreidel sparkling in the spotlights.
wish i coulda been there!

Sefirah said...

i liked the disco dreidal.

Mottel said...

-Cheerio: Glad you liked them, you can still check out the concert.

Cheerio said...

since i'm in california, i don't think i can ;)
videos just don't do justice, in my opinion.

LE7 said...

The one of the hall is my favorite. Okay not favorite, the one of the boy lighting the menorah is my favorite.

Jakeh Clark said...

I had the same Chanukkiah, i got it from Chabad.