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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bear With Me

I know I promised you guys a review of the Songs in the Key of Hanukkah
CD the otherday  (and yes, it is coming) Unfortunately, there've been problems with the internet here . . . and I ended spending the evening a friend's place in order to use his Wi-Fi to write a new artcle (I'll drop you guys a link tomorrow . . . )

Until then go through my archives or something, there's tons of good stuff darten. 

For now a not so hot Picture of the week:

Sunrise over Montreal - taken on my Birthday


Leora said...

What's going in the background? Is Godzilla taking over the city? I like the shot, even if it has some unclear pieces.

Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Tres jolie. Vive le Montreal!

Sefirah said...

booo. canada.

me said...

Nice article about R' Kotlarsky a''h...

Mottel said...

-Leora: It's actually the sun reflect off the buildings in downtown Montreal. Unfortunately the bus windows were dirty, so the image didn't come out slightly blurred.

-Anon: Send my love to Cy Fried.

-Sef: Don't boo the mother land!

-Me: Nice to have you back. I'm glad you liked the article, it's what makes working so much (not to mention the time lost blogging) worth it. Well, that and the ability to make a dent in my Amex bill.

me said...

Who knew that a compliment and a credit card can be so rewarding? :)