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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Dream of Brooklyn

The market in Cuzco

I had a dream last night . . .

Somewhere in Brooklyn, a few blocks North of Eastern Parkway,
I stand by a farm on grassy hills of yellow; where a red farm house stands shaded by apple trees
and a farmer with blue coveralls, a straw hat, and a white beard carries a boy with blond hair in his arms.

The Lubavitchers have started to move into the area, on the fringes . . . but it's still a small town.

I snap a picture of the farmer and the boy, with my old Kodak 3.2 megapixel camera.

I glance at the screen for a moment; the image is dark and over exposed.

Somehow I'm in a pick up truck, driving in reverse on an empty lot towards the train tracks.

I wake up and think about my grandfather passing away.

I wonder what the heck I ate for dinner last night.

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chaviva said...

And here I was, hoping for an expose on the history of apples.

This was more up the alley of right-before-bed reading, though.

If anything, your dreams are more pleasant than mine have been.

Leora said...

One never knows what to expect on your blog.

I gave you a blog award:
Kreplach Blog Awards for 4 bloggers, including Mottel.


Nemo said...

Say no to acid. Sleep better.

Mottel said...

-Chav: Dreams are really nothing more then what we've thought about before we went to bed . . . though sometimes it seems rather odd how we thought of such things!

-Leora: I try to keep people on their toes. Thanks again for the heart!

-Nemo: But then I won't be able to hear the voices in my head . . .

chaviva said...

See, I disagree ... 95 percent of the time I dream about things I'm not remotely thinking about. I mean, in some way I'm sure they're connected, but I can't see the connection because my vivid dreams are also cryptic.

Like just now I took a nap and dreamed about making my bed a loft bed and rearranging the furniture and my little brother coming to visit and this guy I used to work with at the Washington Post coming into my room to put a fishtank together on my bed. Those things I definitely was NOT thinking about.

But anyway ...

Sefirah said...

and i dream of israel