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Monday, September 08, 2008

Return to the Land of the Flying Dutch Jew

Part I

After camp had ended we drove to Frankfurt in order to drop off our car and take a bus to Amsterdam -home of Chaim, the Flying Dutch Jew (from hence forth FDJ, as opposed to CYFried who came as well)

Click on the link to see the photos.

After recovering from the trip in the home of FDJ, whose parents graciously let us stay for the duration of the trip, we got ready for our to the Waterland -with stop on the island of Marken, Volendam and Edam (of cheese fame)

Red is by bus, Blue is by boat

During the course of our stay in Holland we were introduced to the Dutch song: 15 miljoen mensen . . . We sang it whenever we were feeling particularly Dutch (I'm waiting to see it come out as a Jewish song -fifteen million yidden)

Marken, Waterland

Chilling Dutch style

If I'm not mistaken there are more sheep then people in Holland

Klompen (Clogs)

A traditional Dutch House.

Inside the house

You call those black things on yout feet shoes? Now these are shoes!

With the flag of Amsterdam:
Heldhaftig, Vastberaden, Barmhartig

A Real Dutch Dike

From Marken we took a boat to Volendam.

The troubles of being a Jew


Taking a break for a drink (Duvel is good, but Westmalle -a trappist- is great)


CyFried, Mottel and FDJ (Photo credit: The Amazing Yankel)

Feet above the canal, eyes to sky

How quintessentially Dutch

Edam was home to an old Jewish community.

Hard work

Thus ended day one, stay tuned for part two!

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Leora said...

Thank you for another wonderful tour. Loved the little dresses in the shop. My daughter would love those, too. And the children sitting by the water was a wonderful photo, too.

The graves are stirring. Have you seen Rembrandt's painting of a Jewish cemetery? I felt like I just walked through the prettiest parts of Holland.

arbiter said...

B'Kitzur, did you smoke pot or not?

Mottel said...

-Leora: Thanks for comments, as usual. I haven't seen Rembrandt's painting of the cemetery.

-Arbiter: What do you think (and why comment under that name?)

chaviva said...

It's official: I'm living vicariously through your photos in a magical dreamscape of a world that seems so unimaginably beautiful. Thank you for the photos!

I love the juxtaposition of the headstone and the graffiti, in particular. But your gigantic wooden shoes are also amusing :)

Leora: I know van Ruisdael has a painting of a Jewish cemetery, very much in Rembrandt's style, but I can't seem to find one by Rembrandt?

Get Your Picture said...

Great pictures from a fantastic country

Mottel said...

-Chaviva: I couldn't find a picture of such by Rembrandt . . . but stay tuned, the next post will feature the cemetery upon which the painting is based.
-Get Your Picture: Vijfteen Mijlion Mensen! What's with the name by the way?

CYFried said...

I want my photo credits!!! Picassa edits do not change the charachter of the photograph enough to justify publishing them under your own name. Actually... maybe these edits do...

I LOVE, with extra large capitals L-O-V-E, the bench pictures in Edam. The typical dutch houses, the narrow street, and the beautiful canal you chose to crop.

Mottel said...

I normally put credits after the camera I got them from, for practical reasons . . . If you wish, however, I can put a note that those pictures in which I appear may have been taken by you.
Your picture was uncropped, and mine was much nicer.

CYFried said...

Nah, don't bother. I would not feel comfortable were the whole world to see my beautiful pics. My modesty does not allow it.

My picture of the bench was at least a picture and not a video.